Recruiting & Hiring

Caudle & Spears offers a summer associate program for law students at area schools who are believed to merit consideration for a permanent position with the firm. We attempt to expose each summer associate to as much of the firm’s practice as possible to allow for meaningful mutual evaluations. Clerks are assigned projects in a variety of areas and have the opportunity to work with each of our attorneys during the summer. All are encouraged to attend depositions, client conferences, court hearings, trials, mediations and other activities that provide a better understanding of our daily practice of law, in addition to handling pleadings and discovery, researching and preparing legal memoranda, and assisting in preparing business transaction-related documents.

In evaluating prospective associates and summer clerks, academic credentials are strongly considered, but other factors are also important, including diverse extracurricular accomplishments and interests.

Permanent hiring decisions are made with the expectation that each associate may explore several fields early in his or her career, allowing his or her talents and interests to develop before final determinations are made about each associate’s ultimate practice areas. We believe the firm offers an excellent opportunity to those seeking a law practice with the same diversity and challenge of that found in larger firms, but with closer relationships to clients and other members of the firm.

Caudle & Spears also offers new associates substantial responsibility. Client contact and courtroom exposure can begin almost immediately. Practical training and guidance, however, are an important focus and can be expected from the firm’s more experienced attorneys with whom a new associate will work. Our smaller size promotes a collegial atmosphere throughout the firm and even the most senior members regularly work together with new associates to help guide their professional development.

Our smaller size also enables us to offer greater opportunities for advancement than can be found at larger firms. All new lawyers are hired with the expectation that they will become “partners” within about five years. The starting compensation for new associates is competitive with other local firms, and includes a variety of fringe benefits provided by the firm, such as profit sharing, group health, life insurance and disability programs. Advancement and future earnings potential for an associate are substantially related to productivity, demonstrated ability and commitment.

Finally, pro bono and community service activities are a commitment of the firm and are also expected of new associates. Many members of the firm have made lifelong commitments to their communities through youth programs, church involvement and the local bar association. All new associates are encouraged to similarly provide their time and talents to benefit those in their communities in need of assistance.

If you would like to know more about Caudle & Spears’ summer associate program, hiring criteria, or simply to inquire about the firm itself, you may contact us by email or by telephone at 704.377.1200.

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