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Insurance Law and Litigation Lawyers

As an insurance claims manager or an insured policyholder, you want to ensure that you have aggressive and experienced attorneys to handle your personal injury and liability claims. At Caudle & Spears, P.A., we are experienced in defending insureds and representing insurance companies in a variety of insurance-related cases. Our attorneys excel in representing clients in all aspects of insurance law and litigation. We are knowledgeable and experienced in working with insurance companies, claims, policies, and practices, and have represented businesses and individuals pursuing claims under their policies, in addition to defending insurance companies against claims of insureds and third parties.

Insurance defense law can be complex and requires knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. Contact Caudle & Spears, P.A. for more information about how we can assist you with your insurance-related claim or defense.

We have successfully pursued and defended bad faith insurance claims on behalf of insurance companies and insureds. Bad faith or unfair and deceptive trade practice allegations can affect the reputation and success of your company. If a policyholder has made a claim of bad faith, we can assist the insurance company in the defense of the denial. Our experienced insurance litigators can assist you in the efficient resolution of any such claims to protect your legal and financial interests.

Our attorneys know how to properly and thoroughly investigate, prosecute or contest any bad faith claims asserted against an insurance company.

Our attorneys also handle tort litigation for insurers and self-insured corporate clients under a wide variety of policies, including automobile, professional liability, comprehensive general liability, product liability, life, health, accident, fire, umbrella coverage, and homeowners insurance. Our attorneys have a record of successfully defending all types of insurance claims, and can help avoid litigation by identifying and addressing areas of potential conflict in a policy before they become problems or before they result a lawsuit.

Since 1973, our attorneys at Caudle & Spears, P.A. have successfully defended insurance companies and their insureds in a wide range of insurance cases. Please contact our firm in Charlotte, North Carolina for assistance with any of the following:

  • Insurance defense
  • Bad faith insurance claims
  • Denied insurance claims
  • Insurance coverage questions and opinions
  • Commercial insurance
  • Insurance litigation

For immediate assistance with your insurance claims, insurance coverage, or insurance litigation matter, or to speak with one of our experienced lawyers, please contact Caudle & Spears, P.A.

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